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It’s Been Fun! We’ve Moved [Bynes Transcript and Typing Services]

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Hello! We’ve moved from our [free] site to wordpres’s premium site. The new site has more flexibility, which is what we are looking for. Over the next several days we will be migrating our posts from here to the new site. Bynes Transcript and Typing Services’ site is up now, however we are still adding content. Right now, youRead the Rest…

Customer Service on Twitter – Transcription Services

Bynes Transcript and Typing Services

We’ve got good news for you! Now you can address your concerns, questions  or whatever is on your mind with us through Twitter. We are elevating our customer service support by letting you use Twitter to address your concerns and questions with us. Just tweet us at @bynescustsvc and our support team will address your issues in no time. TheRead the Rest…

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