[PRESS RELEASE] Bynes Transcript and Typing Services to Provide Admin Consulting in Palm Beach County

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Palm Beach County’s office support service is expanding their services to include administrative consulting. 

West Palm Beach, Fl – Right on the heels of their 11th anniversary, Bynes Transcript and Typing Services has officially added administrative consulting to their service list. So not only will the company be transcribing which they are best known for, but they will also work alongside small business owners on a long-term basis with projects like contact management, billing and invoicing, social media management.

Bynes Transcript and Typing Services’ focus is that as a business owner, you will be able to grow your business beyond where it is with a little strategic support. The more administrative, non-core, energy-draining activities you can eliminate from your plate, the more profitable, streamlined and prosperous your organization can be. To determine the best options for your company, Bynes Transcript and Typing Services will meet with you to go over every detail of your project to assess strengths and potential weaknesses your company is currently experiencing.

As the Director of Operations, Frann Bynes stated, “all of our knowledge, expertise and resources are lent to your business. You create a smarter, stronger business foundation as a result. We make sure you’re completely satisfied with the results.” 

Consultations are free and available by appointment. Their office hours are Monday through Friday, 8a – 5p.

Other services the office support service provides:
• General transcription
• Word processing
• File format and conversion
• Graphic design and web site creation and maintenance
• Social media management and marketing
• Traditional marketing support
• Contact management
• Clerical and customer services

Other news
Bynes Transcript and Typing Services is upgrading their helpdesk and customer support system. Their phone number has changed and will be posted as soon as the phone system is set up.

You can visit Bynes Transcript and Typing Services’ website or Facebook page to say hello [Facebook.com/bynestranscriptions].
Contact owner Frann Bynes is available for phone interviews only.

Bynes Transcript and Typing Services was established on March 7, 2005. Located in Palm Beach County, Fl, and family owned and operated, the office support company is looking towards another 11+ years.

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[Back office] New Changes ~ New Help Desk ~ Support [TeamBynes]

March 31 marks the end of the first quarter. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, our back office team is revamping our support desk. More questions and scenarios will be added to our knowledge base with increased automation for around the clock support.

In the meantime, if support is needed now, please email our helpdesk at helpdesk@bynestranscriptions.com

small pics1


  • Changes will also be made to our project agreements. Work descriptions and terms of projects will have more information in them along with rates [broken down and explained]
  • Our marketing disclosure will be edited and placed on the front page of the agreement so clients will be expecting our emails. Clients can opt out at any time.
  • Company terms will be added to the website as well
  • Our company wiki will be revamped with new information
  • Freelancer forum room will be added to our freelancer blog and here on the contractors’ page
  • We have a new office number and fax number that will be posted as soon as it’s set up.
  • Working on new products and programs

Additional information on our back office changes

Bynes Transcript and Typing Services is celebrating 11 years in the Administrative Support industry!

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[Web Applications] Contributes To The Success of the “it” Team [TeamBynes]

Lo and behold!

We’ve been wanting to blog about some of the web applications we attribute to our business success, but never got the opportunity to do so. Well, today is the day to do just this. In this blog, I will list few of the web applications we are using that help to make TeamBynes an ‘it’ team. Let’s get started, shall we?

Here are the web applications that are attributed to our success:

  1. Dropbox keeps our files safe making it easy to share as well as it’s a great place to store important documents and records.
  2. SendThisFile is what we use to send and receive audio and completed transcripts through a secured network. SendThisFile tops the charts in being able to send and receive large audio files.
  3. Echosign is our digital and electronic digital solution. Our project agreements are sent and signed through this web application.
  4. Evernote is considered our digital filing cabinet. We store articles, receipts, leads, you name it in this application.
  5. Zoho office products is the small business person’s dream come true. While sampling several of their applications, our primary office product we use consistently is their CRM. Our contacts, leads and clients are tracked here.
  6. WordPress [website/blogging] is our blogging and website platform hosted through Hostgator.
  7. Mailchimp is one of our marketing solutions application. We use this to create and send out email to prospects and existing clients.
  8. Hootsuite is the social media management tool we use to manage all of our social media accounts.
  9. Wave Accounting helps us manage invoices and expenses.
  10. Paypal is the payment service we use which allows us to send invoices and receive payments. Also through the use of our paypal debit card, we have instant access to our funds.
  11. AVG allows us to maintain antivirus & malware protection.
  12. VCita is our client engagement platform. It’s here clients can view their payment history, share documents and schedule appointments.
  13. Smart Recruiter plays a huge part in helping to select freelance transcribers to work with.
  14. Google products should have been at the top. However, our email is hosted through google apps. We also utilize Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Forms and Google Docs, Google+ [Youtube, too].
  15. Jotform is important in building our relationships with our clients. We use Jotform to send out surveys at the end of a project. The data retrieved here helps us to make informed decisions pertaining to the growth of our company.
  16. Upwork [formerly Odesk] helped us find and work with skilled and professional contractors for various back office tasks and projects.

business office

Now, some of these applications are used on an as needed basis and not necessarily every day. You may be overwhelmed from the list, but as we stated, we use these products as we need them. These web applications have helped us shaped the direction and success of our company. We’re happy and proud that the internet expanded allowing small business like ours access to productivity, security and commerce.

NOTE: We also use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ for networking and building relationships.

Its your turn. What web applications is your company using?

Bynes Transcript and Typing Services is celebrating 11 years of office and administrative support.
Company website. www.bynestranscriptions.com

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