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FireShot Screen Capture #112 - 'Insightly - Login' - googleapps_insight_ly_User_Login_ReturnUrl=Sales department! What’s the conversion rates from your last marketing campaigns? If the numbers are low, it’s probably because you’re not following up with your leads.

How are you managing your leads? Are you emailing them at random or do you have a system in place to follow up on a set schedule based on your communication policies? Are you tracking your leads’ conversations or are you just winging it? What about your past clients? Have you reached out to them? If your answers are no or not really, you need our contact management services. Using Insightly, we customize your accounts, enter your contacts, update and follow up based on your needs.

Why Insightly? We use Insightly because of their neat and clean interface. 

Insightly CRM features:
  • Project management
  • Integrations with Google Apps and Office 365
  • Mobile friendly
  • Social CRM side to it
  • Task management
  • Opportunity and Pipeline management
  • Workflows
  • Reports
  • Customer communication
  • Tracking
  • Productivity and efficiency

You’re probably already saying to yourself, “Okay, this looks good. How can you help me?”

We thought you’d never ask. Review the table below for a list of services

Data entry onlyEnter contacts into existing CRM
Set up and data entryCustomizing your account [custom fields, etc] and entering data for the first time
Set up, data entry and emailCustomizing your account [custom fields, etc], entering data and sending out new or follow up email
Email onlySending email to your selected list of contacts
Prices/rates are based on the number of contacts. Contact our office for a quote.
  • 0-25                              Sales Department:
  • 25-50                            Please note: that we do not set up accounts, only customize.
  • 50-75                                     Business cards can be mailed or scanned to us.
  • 75-125
  • 125+
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