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doctor1Dictators can now dictate from any phone or recorder.  We believe this is the perfect solution to simplify your transcription workflow process.

HIPPA compliant, our Webshuttle covers a list of features conducive to your organization. The process is simple to use and easy to get started. You will need a PIN number along with a phone number [that we will [provide] to begin your dictation.

Upon completion of your audio file, it will then be uploaded into our system ready to be transcribed. All projects are verified upon receipt. Please relay concise instructions and turn around time.

Read more for additional information and the steps on how to use this feature.

Dictation Benefits and Perks
Toll-free call-in dictation
Dictation from handheld recorder and iPhone/iPad app
Detailed billing reports
Quality assurance
File encryption
Electronic signature
EMR Integration
Upload around the clock from our website

You will have the ability to


All from the use of your phone or recorder.


Great question!! Simply email our sales department. Please allow 2-4 hours for a reply. Sales@bynestranscriptions.com

Remember: There are no charges to use this feature. Only rates for transcription services are applied.

Resourceful pages/links

1. How this works

2. Make a payment

3. Project management

4. Client log in [disabled]

5. Helpdesk/Support

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