Our Vision

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Frann Bynes

As leaders in the transcription industry, it’s our vision to help business owners reach their full potential for their organization or company.

Values we’ve set:

  • Integrity  – We are committed to honesty, accountability, transparency and ethical standards.
  • Excellence – Achieving high quality results through innovation, customer service, creativity and collaboration.
  • Leadership – Providing modern solutions to local enterprises as well as across the globe.
  • Team work – Encourage collective and joint efforts in the delivery of professional administrative services.
  • Respect – Valuing the concept of supply and demand in the current economy that is built on trust, respect and loyalty.


We love what we do!  And in all of our efforts to make sure we remain the best in the industry, we’ve adopted these beliefs.

 Promises and Guarantees to Client(s)

  • Great service
  • Efficient
  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • And on time

What we will not do

  • Take on jobs we aren’t able to perform
  • Take on large tasks unless previously arranged
  • Not contact our customers if we need to communicate

What we will do

  • Confirm all orders
  • Make sure all payments and orders are processed in a timely fashion
  • Work diligently until every project is completed