Bynes Transcript and Typing Services knows how important budgets are when it comes to planning and implementing projects to be outsourced.

All transcription services are .99 a min. clear audio [up to 2 speakers]
Difficult files are 1.25 a min [background noise, static, muffled talking]
Discounts available for large projects. Inquire today.

Bynes Transcript and Typing Services also provide

clerical support
customer service
contact management
invoicing and billing
data entry
word processing
proofreading and editing completed transcriptions

Retainer packages are applicable for the above services. ,

Quick FAQ’s

1. What are retainer packages? Retainer packages are blocks of time sold at a discounted prices. This bodes well with ongoing or large projects.

2.  I only need about an hour to two of service. How much is that? For an hour of service, the rate is $25.00.

3. I have a list of accounts that are past due and need to send collection letters. How is this done? Great question. We provide mailing and mail merge services. Minimum list count is 10. Postage will be included in the invoice, which have to paid upfront.

More FAQ’s, visit our help desk.

Our team specializes in performing back office procedures for companies and individuals that are short staffed. Our goal is to alleviate your mundane tasks to allow you to focus on revenue-increasing projects. We accept work whether it’s a one time event or if you require on-going service. Below is a list of services we provide and it’s not limited to your needs.  Contact us if you have an assignment that’s not on our list.

We provide a satisfaction guarantee for all services provided.
We have a variety of services that can be purchased separately or together as a package by selecting and purchasing a reduced-priced retainer.
Clerical and Business services (data entry, word processing, filing scanning)
Billing and Mailing services (invoicing, single and mass mailing)
Customer and Phone services (appointment setting, message taking)
Client Management and Database (CRM, database creation, creating customer accounts)
Email Management (receive-send email, moderate email account)
Find Me Online (social site submission, business listing in search engines)
Business Start Up services (online and traditional marketing, admin consulting)


CALL TODAY! 561-247-2719

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